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Homicide: The Ultimate Crime of Violence

If you're facing a homicide prosecution, it's critical to be in the hands of an attorney capable of handling this most serious offense. Whether the charge is manslaughter, first degree murder, or murder by abuse, you will be facing a senior prosecutor with all of the resources and technologies of the State of Washington aligned against you. You need a Champion on your side with a superior grasp of forensics and a superior defense.

As experienced Seattle homicide defense lawyers, we've defended all manner of violent crimes, ranging from simple assault and domestic violence to Vehicular Homicide and capital murder. We know how to put together a complex defense to a complex case, whether it's based on forensic pathology, DNA, or a mental defense of Diminished Capacity. When everything is on the line, and you have one chance to get it right, you want an experienced, successful team managing your defense.

We Successfully Defend Homicide

In a recent case, we represented a young man accused of shooting and killing the man who had been molesting him since he was 12 years old. He was arrested after leaving the scene of the shooting and tossing the gun into Lake Washington. He was later charged with first degree murder and prosecuted by a senior trial deputy specializing in homicide prosecutions.

We took the case to trial before a jury and they didn't take long to reach their verdict: NOT GUILTY on Murder 1, NOT GUILTY on Murder 2, and NOT GUILTY onManslaughter (October 2008). The jury was so utterly persuaded of my client's innocence that they also awarded him reimbursement for his attorney's fees, to be paid for by the State, and jurors are still sending him Christmas cards.

In another case, we represented a woman charged with murder after she fired one shot from a handgun at her husband during a struggle. After he fell to the ground, she emptied the rest of the gun into him, killing him instantly. In a highly publicized trial, our client was charged with first degree murder and a senior female homicide prosecutor was assigned to the case.

Our client was unable to post the breathtaking bail and sat in jail for over a year while we prepared for trial. After a short deliberation following a powerful defense and closing argument, the jury acquitted her of murder, and she went home that same evening.

We Will Fight your Homicide Creatively and Relentlessly

Every homicide defense case is unique and no particular result can ever be suggested or promised. The point is, we know how to conduct a major homicide defense and how to get the job done. When your life is on the line, you need more than just a good effort, you need someone experienced at getting the results you need.

If you've been accused of homicide or are under investigation for homicide, get the best Seattle homicide lawyer you can find. Contact our firm today to schedule your free initial consultation to discuss how we will fight this charge.

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