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Domestic Violence: as Easy as Picking up the Phone and Dialing 911

i-domesticeviolence.jpgDomestic Violence (DV) cases are a huge and extremely common problem. It's shamefully easy to file a false domestic violence complaint and almost impossible to prevent a prosecution once a complaint has been made. All it takes is a 911 call. Police come, the parties are separated and questioned, and someone goes to jail. If this happens to you, get the best Seattle DV lawyer you can.

In many cases, people who have made accusations of domestic violence in the past have learned how easy it is to file a domestic violence charge against their roommate or spouse — just pick up the phone and dial 911. I have seen them use this as a weapon to have innocent people arrested.

When police are called to respond to a domestic violence call, they are required to make an arrest. Armed with knowledge of this mandatory arrest provision, a false accuser is able to use the power of a false domestic violence accusation as a weapon against an innocent partner. I see this scenario frequently.

Having a criminal record for a crime of violence will change your life in significant ways. Don't hesitate to take action to protect your future and your freedom. Contact the experienced DV lawyers at Perez & Perez Law, PLLC to schedule your free initial consultation.

Your Accuser Can't Drop the Charges Against You. Don't Even Ask.

Don't assume that because your partner has decided to change their testimony later that you can walk away from the case. Prosecutors are familiar with the "recanting spouse" syndrome and will often take their case to court even with a victim who changes his or her mind or claims it never happened. It's not up to the "victim" to drop the charges; only the prosecutor can decide whether or not to press charges. Domestic violence "victims" have no control over whether a case is charged or prosecuted. They’re just witnesses who can be hauled into court and have their testimony used against their will.

The United Supreme Court has recently ruled that the 911 calls made by the accuser can be introduced into evidence, even if the accuser doesn’t show up in court for trial. So don't assume that you're safe just because your partner won't testify. Statements made at the scene by defendants can also be used to obtain a conviction. The prosecutor may be able to proceed against you even without any witnesses!

Miscellaneous Crimes That Can Be Charged as Crimes of Domestic Violence

In addition to the usual assault charges, other crimes, such as malicious mischief, can also be charged as crimes of domestic violence if property is destroyed during an argument. The domestic violence designation adds a serious set of penalties and consequences to any crime charged.

Don't take Domestic Violence Lightly, it's Far More Serious Than You Know

Don't take a DV case lightly. It can result in consequences far beyond what you might think possible, including deportation, loss of gun rights, and a criminal record for violence that could be seen by every future emloyer or landlord for the rest of your life. It's typical in domestic violence cases that a "no contact order" (NCO) will also be issued by the court. Don't ignore this order. A violation of a no contact order (VNCO) can be even more serious than the underlying domestic violence charge and often results in more jail time than the defendant would have received for the underlying DV crime.

We probably get more DV cases than anything else, they are so common in the current environment. We've had great success getting them dropped or dismissed after a thorough analysis of the facts, and we take them to trial if necessary. Jurors do not tolerate real spousal abuse, but they also have little patience for a government that tries to intervene in the lives of a normal couple having a harmless argument.

Violent crimes are serious. Take them seriously by hiring a DV defense lawyer with the experience and knowledge necessary to fight these cases. Contact Perez & Perez Law, PLLC for your free initial consultation.

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