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Judges Have Zero Tolerance for Crimes of Violence


Criminal assault charges of any degree should be taken seriously. A criminal assault is considered a violent offense, bringing with it all the connotations of the worst type of criminal offender. A criminal assault on your record will never be easy to explain, and in serious cases, could constitute a "most serious offense" under Washington law, making it a "strike" case.

Washington has joined other states in enacting a "Three Strikes, You're Out" law, called "The Persistent Offender Act", or POA. Under this statute, if you are convicted of three strikes, you face mandatory life in prison without the possibility of parole. Assault and robbery are both potential "strikes". Even a second degree assault or robbery can count as one strike, putting you on the road to a mandatory life in prison. Don't let it happen to you in the first place; take every allegation of assault seriously.

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Every Case Has a Defense

There are many potential defenses to criminal assault. Depending on the nature of your case, there may be facts supporting self defense, defense of others or even a simple accident. Washington is a "stand your ground" case and strongly supports self defense at trial. If you saw the George Zimmerman trial, you know how effective such a defense can be. We've taken some of the most hopeless assault cases to trial and won them based on our strong self defense laws in this state.

In one of our cases, our client was accused of deliberately head-butting someone in front of numerous witnesses, causing lacerations to the guy's head and requiring hospitalization and sutures. Our client was charged with second degree assault. We took the case to trial and argued that the head butt was not intended and was an accidental contact. Verdict: Not Guilty.

In another case, our client was arrested by police for Driving While License Suspended. Police claimed that she assaulted the police officers during her arrest. She was black, they were white. She was charged with Assault and Resisting Arrest. Two police officers testified at trial against her and swore under oath that she assaulted them. The only defense was her word against theirs, an impossible situation for most defendants. Her only hope was for the jury to believe that the police officers had perjured themselves under oath, in court. After our defense, it took the jury about an hour to come back with NOT GUILTY.

Please note that every case is unique and no suggestion is made that any particular result can be predicted or promised. The point is — we know how to present even the most complex defense to a criminal assault charge. With the confidence that comes from many years of experience, we can present your case to a jury.

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