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Every Man's Worst Nightmare Come True

Child sex crimes present unimaginable danger to the accused. They are easy cases to bring and difficult cases to disprove and this where the expertise of a Seattle Criminal Defense Lawyer is invaluable. Punishments handed out for these crimes are second only to those given for murder. It's frightening, then, to observe that child molestation cases remain one of the most frequently mischarged crimes affecting innocent people. All it takes is the bare accusation of a child. No physical evidence is required. That is why it is so important to look into hiring the right criminal defense attorney in Seattle, WA. My clients are routinely astonished to learn that police often do no investigation other than to take the statement of the child, interrogate the defendant and then haul him off to jail. Nightmares begin here.

A prosecution for Child Molestation or Rape of a Child can arise out of an actual contact that was neither illegal nor sexual in any way. An innocent event can transform in the mind of a child into a life-changing accusation that can be distorted and reinforced by a hysterical parent. The scientific literature is full of case histories explaining why children make up these charges and come to believe them, even when they are untrue. The reasons are well documented and well understood, but this evidence must be effectively presented to a jury to be helpful.

We Have the World's Best Child Abuse Defense Experts

We are experienced criminal defense attorneys in Seattle, WA. We have handled many, many child molestation cases. We have the knowledge and special sensitivity necessary to fight these emotionally charged cases. We use some of the best scientists and experts in the world and have regularly presented their testimony effectively and persuasively. These doctors are recognized experts in their field, capable of explaining to ordinary people how human memory works, how a child's memory can be tainted by improper questioning, and other issues that lay people just don't know. 

The single most important question that jurors want answered is "Why would a little girl make up a horrible story like that"? My experts are giants of actual science and have taught law enforcement how to question children properly. They have the unique ability to translate the science into ordinary language that all jurors will understand, and can explain WHY a child tells a false story. It happens more often then most people think, but the jury won't know this unless you've got the testimony. If you are being investigated for child molestationcontact us immediately to learn more about how to defend the" indefensible" child molestation case.

We Fight Bad Laws and We Fight Bad Technology

Technology is a key component in the modern prosecution of sex crime cases. Knowledge of specific forensic technologies, like DNA typing, can have a profound effect on the outcome of your child molestation case. In addition to my years of experience in the courtroom, I'm also an experienced engineer with an intimate knowledge of the forensic technologies used to prosecute these cases. This background enables me to find creative new ways to attack the government's case. In my decades of practice, I've never met a single prosecutor who understood any of this technology, and that translates into a direct advantage for my clients.

Lives can be ruined by one false accusation of child molestation. Don't let this happen to you, get an experienced Seattle criminal defense lawyer. If you have been accused of a crime, contact Perez & Perez Law PLLC to schedule your free initial consultation where we will discuss how to fight the charge.

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