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We Fight Accusations of Child Molestation, Sexual Assault and Internet Child Pornography

An accusation of a sex crime is extremely dangerous. Everyone has strong feelings about these crimes and about sex offenders. Even a wrongful accusation of child molestation, sexual assault or Internet child pornography can bring your life and career to a halt. It's important that your attorney be sensitive to the special considerations of these cases and know how to navigate a system that will be stacked against you. As an experienced Seattle sex crime defense attorney, I have that sensitivity and experience.

You may have heard about the Three Strikes law. Certain violent crimes are designated as “strikes”, meaning that upon a third conviction, the punishment is a mandatory life prison sentence with no possibility of parole. Sex crimes are treated even more severely. Washington State has a "two strikes" law applicable to certain sex crimes, making life imprisonment without the possibilty of parole mandatory upon two convictions.

Conviction of a "strikeable" sex crime can put you half-way to a mandatory life in prison. But what you may not know is that Washington State has a uniquely dangerous and antiquated system of dealing with sex crimes that may result in a lifetime prison commitment, even on a first offense. This applies particularly to innocent men wrongfully convicted who cannot successfully complete sex offender treatment programs that are required for release. An innocent man convicted of a sex crime may spend the rest of his life in prison because of his inability to successfully complete sex offender treatment. Don’t let this happen to you; avoid any exposure by avoiding conviction in the first place.

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You Don't Want to be a Registered Sex Offender

Sex offender registration is a modern day Scarlet Letter. If convicted of a sex crime, you may have to register with your local sheriff regularly for the rest of your life, with your name, picture and address posted on websites and at schools and public meetings held by police in your neighborhood.

Registered sex offenders are often driven out of communities and branded for life. In the drive to crack down and look tough on crime, state and federal legislatures have continued to add new crimes to the list each year. In some cases, these crimes are added retroactively, making it entirely possible that something you pleaded guilty to last year will make you a registered sex offender next year. Prevent this from happening to you by taking seriously any sex related offense today.

We Fight False Allegations and Take them to Trial

As an experienced sex crime lawyer, I know how to fight these cases. In July of 2008, I represented a middle-aged working man who had never been in trouble in his life and found himself suddenly facing charges of child molestation of a 16 year old who claimed he had molested her when she was a 6th grader. Police took the report of the girl and did no investigation, taking her accusation at face value and hauling my client off to jail, despite the complete lack of any corroborating evidence. After extensive investigation, I was able to demonstrate to the jury that the girl was a liar. I presented evidence that she had lied on her MySpace account and that she had lied about many other things. I brought a renowned expert who testified on the scientific literature documenting the many reasons kids make up these stories. He testified that up to 24% of cases filed are false. After a very short deliberation, the jury acquitted my client of all charges, and he went home to his family that night, his nightmare over.

When Treatment is Needed, There are Alternatives to Prison

It's also important to know that for those situations where treatment may be beneficial, there are alternatives to prison. The Special Sex Offender Sentencing Alternative (SSOSA) is one of these alternatives and it categorically avoids prison altogether in favor of local outpatient treatment.  If treatment is an appropriate choice for you, it's important that your lawyer know how to navigate the system to obtain a SSOSA. I know how to get these alternatives in appropriate cases and how to prepare you for the required Psychosexual evaluation and Polygraph examination. Don't limit your choices. Take sex crime offenses seriously. Police and prosecutors do. Contact Perez & Perez Law, PLLC to schedule your free initial consultation to discuss how we will fight these charges.

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