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A Drunk Driving Charge Does Not Have to Destroy Your Future

President George W. Bush had a conviction for DUI and it didn't ruin his life. But then he also had one of the best teams of lawyers in the state of Texas. And his conviction was a few decades ago. Washington State has joined the nationwide effort to crack down on "drunk driving" and has enacted some of the most serious and severe legislation punishing drunk driving.  If you've been arrested in Washington for a DUI, you're facing a whole new ballgame. In order to avoid mandatory jail time and loss of license, you either have to beat the case outright or get the charge reduced to a lesser offense through negotiations with the government. Either way, you need a skilled DUI attorney competent at DUI defense.

We *are* experienced Seattle-Bellevue DUI lawyers, and can help. We fight everything from simple DUI to Vehicular Assaults and Vehicular Homicides associated with drugs or alcohol.

If you’re charged with a DUI, you will likely face a dual prosecution. The government will try to convict and jail you, AND the Department of Licensing will attempt to take away your license through a civil proceeding that is completely separate from the criminal proceeding. You will need a DUI lawyer who can handle both. As experienced Seattle and Bellevue DUI lawyers, we routinely represent motorists both in court and before the Department of Licensing. Contact Perez & Perez Law, PLLC today.

We Fight the "Junk Science" behind DUI Prosecutions

The results of your breath test will probably be the most significant evidence against you in your case. The BAC DataMaster and DataMaster CDM breath test machines are riddled with questionable technology based on junk science presented by "laboratory technicians" who are nothing more than police officers in white coats. With our engineering experience, we understand these vulnerabilities, and we know the limitations of the technology being used and misused. As skilled drunk driving defense attorneys, we've successfully challenged breath and blood results and, in some cases, had them thrown out of court altogether. Don't assume that your high BAC is accurate. The fact is, in most cases it is not.

Understanding the Consequences of a DUI Conviction

A DUI conviction can result in staggering penalties, including:

  • Mandatory jail time for first time offenders. You *will* go to jail.
  • Loss of license
  • Large, four-figure fines
  • Alcohol treatment and AA requirements
  • Mandatory ignition interlock devices attached to your automobile
  • Liability for future felony prosecution
  • Inability to cross the border into Canada or other countries

Penalties for repeat offenses skyrocket exponentially. Just recently, the legislature passed new laws increasing yet again the penalties for repeat offenders. The mandatory jail times are getting longer and more motorists are become felons. The best way to prevent these cascading penalties is to avoid a conviction in the first place.

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