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Our firm handles a wide variety of criminal defense cases, with the expertise and experience that comes from decades of practice in the state and federal courts of two international border states: Washington and California. As such, we are familiar with the immigration consequences of criminal convictions, and virtually every type of criminal investigation by law enforcement agencies of the state and federal governments.

We use state-of-the-art technology and best practices to assure that we are BETTER prepared than the government to fight at every stage: at the crime scene, in the lab, and in the courtroom.

If you are a non-citizen, you will have the confidence of knowing that this critical issue in your life will be fully considered during the handling of your case. If you are being investigated by a particular agency of the government (e.g., DFI, ATF, IRS), you will have the confidence of knowing that we've been there and know how to deal with these agencies both prior to and during any prosecution. And if you've already been convicted and want to modify some aspect of your situation (e.g., terminate Sex Offender Registration), you will have available the expertise and experience of a team that has tackled the toughest and ugliest messes and unraveled them into something more presentable.

Finally, if you are facing a traffic or drug offense, you will find that our experience and willingness to fight at every level will make a difference in your case. For further information, follow the links below.

Perez & Perez Law, PLLC represents everyday people facing extraordinary circumstances in Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Issaquah, Everett, King County, Snohomish County, Pierce County and all across Washington State.

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