The Initial Client Consultation

Due to increasingly severe penalties for crimes and constant technological improvements, mounting a successful criminal defense is more challenging and important than ever. If you are being investigated for a crime or have been charged with a crime, you need a criminal attorney now more than ever.

My name is Robert Perez. I am an experienced Seattle-Bellevue criminal defense lawyer who defends clients in both state and federal court. I have focused exclusively on criminal defense since 1977, and I have a Harvard law degree and a background in engineering.

Contact me today for your free initial consultation, where we will discuss the facts of your case and evaluate your next best steps. I am not afraid of a challenge — I take on even the most difficult cases and will fight relentlessly on your behalf every step of the way.

The Initial Client Consultation

Our experienced criminal defense attorneys will listen carefully to what you have to say to get a grasp of the facts most pertinent to building your defense and of the work that will be necessary to successfully fight the charges against you.

It is important that we understand where you are coming from — every client has unique goals:

  • Some people are assured of their innocence and concerned about their reputation and may be willing to go all the way to the Supreme Court to defend their honor, if need be.
  • Others have simply made a mistake or suffered a lapse in judgment and are concerned about limiting their exposure to the criminal system as much as possible.
  • Finally, some people have very specific concerns, including an inability to do jail time, potential licensure issues if charged with a family, potential for deportation or registration as a sex offender. Perhaps going to jail is not the concern, but being convicted of a felony is, or vice versa.

Once we understand your goals, we will evaluate your situation to determine what is necessary to achieve your objectives. Our ultimate goal for the initial consultation is to inform you of what to expect and what we can do to help.

Confidential Legal Representation

Confidentiality is a crucial element of legal representation — the attorneys at the Law Office of Robert Perez will maintain confidentiality at all times, even if you do not retain us as counsel. It is important to keep in mind that if you bring a third party, including a spouse, parent or sibling, attorney-client confidentiality is not established.

Avoid Jail, Felony Conviction, Sex Offender Registry or Deportation

Potential outcomes of being convicted of a crime include fines, jail time and registration as a sex offender. In addition to these potential penalties, the collateral consequences of conviction include:

  • Damage to your reputation, potentially leading to loss of your family and friends
  • Loss or suspension of your professional license, possibly leading to loss of your job or difficulty finding employment
  • Loss of custody of your children
  • Loss of your ability to travel freely

I will make the time necessary to explain to you how the process works and what to expect, in addition to what I can do to prevent these consequences.

Contact the Law Office of Robert Perez at 425-748-5005.