Fees & Costs at the Law Office of Robert Perez

All criminal defense cases arise out of individual facts that present unique defenses. It's difficult to know in advance everything that will be involved in presenting a complete defense to your case. That said, you need to know what it will cost before you can commit. Recognizing this, I've put together a simple fee structure that will help you understand what a defense will cost. Here's how it works:

At the Law Office of Robert Perez, located in Bellevue, Washington, your first scheduled consultation with me, Robert Perez, is free. In this meeting, we will discuss in complete confidence the details of your case and what you can expect from the criminal justice system. There is no charge for this meeting and no obligation to continue.

Establishing a Fixed Fee Retainer

During this first consultation, a fixed fee retainer will be quoted that will cover all legal services agreed to during the consultation. You will know exactly what your legal fee will be, no matter how long the case continues, which court it's in or how many court appearances take place. The fixed-fee retainer is ultimately based on several factors, including:

  • The nature of the charges and the difficulty of the case
  • The amount of work estimated to be done
  • Your objectives from my representation
  • My commitment to remain on the case until the matter has been concluded.

Washington law requires that clients pay for all “costs” of litigation, such as expert witness fees. Criminal defense lawyers may advance these sums initially, but ultimately, clients are required by law to pay them. Lawyers who pay their clients' costs may seem to be acting generously, but they are actually violating RPC 1.8(e)(1) and are subject to discipline.

Therefore, should any costs seem likely in defending your case, a small deposit may also be requested, and if so, it will be deposited into a trust account for your benefit while your case is pending. Such costs might include things like hiring expert witnesses, conducting a polygraph or submitting evidence for DNA analysis. Any unearned, unspent balance in your trust account will be returned to you upon the conclusion of the representation.

Reaching a Fee Agreement

Once agreement has been reached on the fees and costs, a fee agreement will be provided to you for your review. After you and I have both signed the agreement and the fee has been paid, I will be on the case.

It is customary in criminal defense cases for payment to be made in full, in advance. For your convenience, credit cards are accepted.

Contact the Law Office of Robert Perez, located in Bellevue, Washington, to speak with an experienced Eastside criminal defense lawyer who will vigorously defend your rights and protect your freedoms. My fees are fair and reasonable, and I invite you to compare this factor along with all others as you consider the critical decision of who to hire as your lawyer.