Client Communications

Communications with Robert Perez

I take great pride in my client communications and place this at the top of my list of professional values. There is nothing worse for a client, who is already overwhelmed by the weight of a criminal prosecution, than feeling left out in the dark by his or her own attorney. My staff and I place a high importance on keeping clients informed and up to date. Phone calls and emails are promptly returned, and clients are always well aware of court and other obligations, and know exactly where and when their presence is required, and when they can safely stay away and let me handle things. Clients have my cell phone number for emergencies, my email for any asynchronous communications, and an open door that assures they can schedule appointments at any time for any reason and come talk with me about their case. Their families are invited to come in and participate or ask me questions.

Communications are secure and protected by the Attorney-Client privilege, and no information of any kind is never shared with any 3rd party without the client's express knowledge and permission. We are always very conscious of your privacy and will treat your information and status discreetly. We will only send communications using communication channels that you designate (e.g., work, home, email, cell) and will be discreet in any messages left.

Feel free to contact me at any time. If I'm available I will respond promptly. If I'm not available, you will be told when I can be expected to become available. I know that the number one complaint against lawyers is "he never returns my phone calls and keeps me in the dark". You can speak with anyone I have represented over the years and you will not hear that complaint about this office, because I know how important it is for you to hear from your lawyer.