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Criminal defense is more challenging today than ever and the stakes have never been higher. The government is increasing penalties and elected judges are falling all over themselves in an effort to look tough on crime. Even first-time offenders are facing jail, deportation and sex offender registration. Employers and landlords routinely perform background checks before doing business with you, you can't afford a criminal record. If you’ve been charged with a crime in the Seattle area, or are being investigated for one, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney now more than ever.

criminal defense attorney seattle, wacriminal defense attorney seattle, waMy name is Robert Perez. Along with my partner/daughter, Sarah J. Perez, I manage a top-notch law firm of criminal defense attorneys in Bellevue on Seattle's Easside, that defends clients in both state and federal courts across Seattle and the state of Washington. Perez & Perez Law, PLLC. My credentials include a singular focus as a Criminal Defense lawyer since 1977, a law degree from Harvard Law School, and an Engineering and Technology background.

Today's prosecutors have access to dazzling new technologies like DNA typing, GPS tracking, and computer forensics, and they will use them to try and convict you. As an Engineer, I know how to challenge the government's technology because I understand it better than they do. This added experience provides a direct advantage for YOU, enhancing my legal toolset with the ability to find the flaws in the government's forensic evidence. This is a critical advantage in a post-CSI world where juries expect to see technology in the courtroom. We deliver this expertise like no one else and regularly confound prosecutors with our technological edge.

We Focus on Defending Sex Crimes and Crimes of Violence

Our sex crime lawyers have handled hundreds of cases from Indecent Exposure to Rape courts all across Washington State. We have won spectacular, news-breaking victories for our clients in Seattle and throughout Washington and know how to conduct a major criminal defense and strategize on our feet with the comfort and confidence that comes from years of experience in front of a jury. Our law firm's DV lawyers fight domestic violence cases regularly, getting dismissals and NOT GUILTY verdics. We devote our full energy to preventing the government from imposing their ultimate power of taking away your freedom. Although we are a full-service criminal defense firm, our lawyers focus particularly on Sex Crimes and Crimes of Violence. Below is a complete list of our areas of practice:


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Real Client Testimonials

As a veteran police officer, I had the opportunity to experience and observe the workings of the criminal justice system hundreds of times. I had first-hand experience with both good and bad examples of those individuals professionally involved in the system, including police, defense lawyers and prosecutors. Finding competent professionals in that environment was not always easy.

That is why, when circumstances arose where I needed to retain legal representation to defend me in a criminal matter, I was pleased to find available an attorney as well-qualified and competent as Robert Perez.

I was at one time a practicing lawyer, and so it was devastating when I found myself facing criminal charges of theft of approximately $25,000. I initially hired another well-known attorney, and he advised me to enter a plea. With little resources and living out of state, I did so. At sentencing, however, the victim showed up and introduced "evidence" that I stole hundreds of thousands of dollars. My attorney didn't see it coming - the plea agreement was in jeopardy, and I was looking at 10 years in prison! With the support of family, I dismissed that attorney and sought new counsel.

This time I went to Robert Perez. The case was a mess. I was facing a long sentence, loss of everything, husband, kids and the ability to practice law ever again. I e-mailed him and was first impressed with the e-mail response. It was detailed, thoughtful and well-written. This meant a lot to me as my communication with my attorney, from out of state, would mostly be by e-mail.

Robert, thank you again for handling my case with care. I believe in the justice system when you have the chance to show your side of the facts. On the surface, it was easy for the prosecution to predict an easy victory in my case. Child molestation charges are easy to make but really hard to deny. Because of the huge risk, I was almost ready to accept the SSOSA program recommend by the prosecutor, but, with your help, I kept my decision open given the lack of evidence.

As the case progressed, it was clear that I could not settle for a SSOSA plea because I was innocent. You read through my case and asked important questions during some key interviews, which revealed inconsistencies in the witness statements. This put pressure on the prosecutor's case.

I would absolutely recommend Robert to anyone in legal trouble. My mother was facing some very serious charges. Her immigration status further complicated matters. Robert and his staff were all very professional and extremely knowledgeable. They were able to help my family through the entire criminal (in)justice process from beginning to end. I firmly believe that had it not been for Robert, my mother would easily not be in this country any longer.

Robert takes his job very seriously and performs his duties thoroughly. He goes beyond what is simply required of him and exhausts all options available to his clients. He is not merely a lawyer but an advocate for his clients' rights and freedom.

Robert, you represented me in my case and did an outstanding job. It took courage and confidence to take my case all the way to the day of jury trial in order to get the prosecutor to completely dismiss the felony prosecution against me. On the day of trial!

I want to thank you for the stupendous job you did on my case. Your biggest asset is your intelligence, and you went out of your way to think of everything that could possibly be done to strengthen my case. Thank you also for being a caring person, as well as a professional.

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A criminal prosecution is an intimidating experience. Our attorneys understand this, and we will make the time necessary to explain how the process works and what to expect. As our client, you'll have our email address, our cell phone number, an open door, a competent and supportive staff, and a world class criminal defense. That's our commitment to YOU.

Cutbacks in government staffing have placed a greater reliance on the use of forensic technologies at the crime scene, in the crime lab and in the courtroom. Don't settle for half a defense; you need a solid technology counterpunch on your side to get a complete defense. You have one chance to get this right -- don't unnecessarily risk your freedom or your life. Choose our experience and expertise. We are FIGHTERS, we won't try to sell you on a plea bargain, we enjoy beating the government and we will make that our mission.

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